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Cool Crow Music engineers and produces original, fully mastered, high quality, spectacular tracks from various genres that showcases Boston's elite musicians and vocalists and offers these songs to record companies, film/television industry, managers and artists for licensing.

The fully mastered tracks are available for licensing for the Film/TV Industry. The original songs are available for use by record companies, record producers, managers or recording artists. If you are searching this site and listening to the music and cannot find a song that fits your needs, please contact Cool Crow. Let’s talk about your special project.

Paula Morin
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  Cool Crow bandAs a lead singer with the band FF&Z, Paula Morin shared the stages around Europe with bands such as The Moody Blues and The Kinks. Under contract to CBS Records in the UK, FF&Z recorded two albums and three singles. One of the songs that Paula wrote, “Everybody Get Out Of Bed” hit the top of the charts in the UK and then went on to sweep the music charts in France under a French singer’s cover version. FF&Z music has enjoyed a loyal following for years and their albums and singles have been re-released on a 2 CD Set in the UK through and will be available soon in the US.  
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